Full papers published in Conference Proceedings

2019. ZANCHET, M.E. On Feelings as Condition for Morality –  in progress.

2016. ZANCHET, M.E. Conditions of Students’ Autonomy in PVPs.
In: XV International Education Seminar – Education and Interdisciplinarity: Theoretical and Methodological Paths / FEEVALE University. Novo Hamburgo, Brazil.

2016. ZANCHET, M. E. On epistemic limits of French Discourse Analysis: constitutive processes for a knowledge production device.
In: VIII National Seminar on Language and Teaching / Catholic University of Pelotas. Pelotas, Brazil.

Abstracts published in Conference Proceedings

2016, ZANCHET, M. E.; FISS, D. M. L. Between science and philosophy: notes on French Discourse Analysis in its epistemic condition. In: International Symposium of Philosophy, communication and subjectivity-Luso-Brazilian-German (LUBRAL) / Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Poços de Caldas, Brazil. Book of abstracts-LUBRAL.

2011, ZANCHET, M. E.  Aesthetics in the Curricular Component: foundations for a reflected positioning In: Symposium of Philosophy DOUTA Ignorantia / Brasilia University, Brazil. Book of abstracts Douta Ignorantia.

Other publications

2017, Master Thesis. / ZANCHET, M. E. Discourse, autonomy and popular education: senses’ effects in students’ statements.

2017, Specialization Final Paper / ZANCHET, M. E. Experience and youth: on the processes of identification and representation of teenagers in the social field.

2013, Graduation Final Thesis / ZANCHET, M. E. Contributions of propositional logic for the development of language skills in high school students.

2013, Book Chapter / ZANCHET, M. E. Aesthetic Relativism, In: Porto, L. (Org). Pensamento Crítico e Ensino de Filosofia. Ed. UFRGS, 2013.

2012, Book Chapter / ZANCHET, M. E. On the role of Philosophy as fostering critical and creative thinking. In: Rebello, J. and Porto L. (Org). Iniciação à docência em Filosofia. Ed: Oikos, 2012.