full papers published in conferences’ proceedings

ZANCHET, M.E On Emotions as a Condition for Morality. In: 12th Kant-Readings International Conference – Kant and the Ethics of Enlightenment: Historical Roots and Contemporary Relevance. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrado, Russia. 

ZANCHET, M.E. 2016. Conditions of Students’ Autonomy in PVPs. In: XV International Education Seminar – Education and Interdisciplinarity: Theoretical and Methodological Paths. FEEVALE University. Novo Hamburgo, Brazil. 

ZANCHET, M.E. 2016. On epistemic limits of French Discourse Analysis: processes constituting the discipline while knowledge production device. In: VIII National Seminar on Language and Teaching. Catholic University of Pelotas. Pelotas, Brazil. 

published abstracts

ZANCHET, M. E. 2019. A trusting vow to common sense: on emotions, passions and self-determination of the will in Kant’s moral theory. In: International Conference – Personality and Humanity in Kant: Theoretical, Moral and Anthropological Perspectives. 

ZANCHET, M. E.; FISS, D. L 2016. Between science and philosophy: notes on the French discourse analysis in its epistemic condition. In: International Symposium of Philosophy, communication and subjectivity-Luso-Brazilian-German (LUBRAL). Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Poços de Caldas, Brazil.

ZANCHET, M. E. 2011. Aesthetics and Curricular Component: groundworks for a reasonable approach. In: Symposium of Philosophy DOUTA Ignorantia. 2011, Brasilia University, Brazil. Book of abstracts Douta Ignorantia.

other bibliographical productions

2017, Master Thesis.
ZANCHET, M. E. Discourse, autonomy and popular education: sense effects of students’ statements.

2017, Specialization Final Paper.
ZANCHET, M. E. Experience and youth: on the processes of identification and representation in the social field.

2013, Bachelor Final Thesis.
ZANCHET, M. E. Contributions of propositional logic for the development of students’ language skills.

2013, Book Chapter.
ZANCHET, M. E. Aesthetic Relativism, In: Porto, L. (Org). Pensamento Crítico e Ensino de Filosofia. Ed. UFRGS, 2013.

2012, Book Chapter
ZANCHET, M. E. On the role of Philosophy as fostering critical and creative thinking. In: J. Rebello, & L. Porto (Org). Iniciação à docência em Filosofia. Ed: Oikos, 2012.